Volitant at Reflektor Light Festival

Vertigo took part in Reflektor Light Festival 2017 in Søndermarken with the magnificent light installation, Volitant, floating above the visitors’ heads. Vertigo invited the spectators to take part in a 360 degrees experience, where nature complimented art and technology as the interactive installation created a room for both exploration in the urban space as well as room for a playful engaging experience with technology.
The hoovering interactive cathedral greeted the visitors with pulsating light textures, putting a fight to the coming darkness of fall and winter. The light structure was placed on a hill top in between eight large trees, making the atmosphere rather enclosed from the ordinary. The ornament represented an alter of simplicity and geometric shapes, that changed behaviour according to its audience.


The sight that met visitors when they approached the sculptural installation from afar was kind of eerie. This was due to the crowd assembling on the hilltop staring up on the alien form over their heads as if they were hypnotised.

The Volitant consisted of a pillar made of 18xBlackLED (2 meters) and an encircling form going around the pillar. The installation was made interactive through microcontrollers and sensor components programmed in Processing. Beneath is the sketches of the initial idea drawn in Sketchup.