TREE.0 @Axelborg

In collaboration with The Alexandra Institute in Copenhagen Vertigo took part in the design and development of the interactive urban installation, TREE.0. As part of an experiment exploring the possibilities of SmartCities and what these can offer citizens the TREE.0 was created. It took the form of a tree to fit in as a natural part of the already existing urban space.

TREE.0 is a six meter tall tech-based metal tree that reacts to its surroundings by picking up on movements and digital devices. Its output comes in forms of light as well as sound. Inside the metal tree the technology brain is hid away from eyes sight giving it a playful feel as it interacts with its surroundings. In this way the tree invites passers to hang around and explore it. Initially, the TREE.0 was exhibited at Vester Voldgade next to the cityhall whereas its current location is outside Axelborg at Vesterbrogade.

Vertigo was responsible for the overall technical project management and the development of the TREE.0. Read more about the main idea behind the project at Interactive Spaces Lab.

TREE.0 – an urban installation from Interactive Spaces Lab on Vimeo.

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