The Wave

The interactive installation, The Wave, consists of forty triangular, interactive, both glowing and sounding gates. It stands 3,6 metres tall and 80 metres long. The gates can respond to visitors’ movement sonically and visually. In this way visitors are part of the co-creation of the artistic experience.

The Wave is a two-piece experience. Its physical form consists of its sculptural characteristic of the 40 triangular gates. It has a size making it possible for visitors to stroll through the installation. Its spaciousness is one of the reasons for one of its bi-characteristics – the instagram effect. The second part of the installation is what gives it a truly mesmerising feel. The gates are each equipped with sensors, speakers, and 10 metres of LED strip controlled pixel-wise. This gives the audio/visual artist a lot of possibilities to create unique content, which can react to visitors movement.

The Wave was first exhibited in Februar 2017, where the inhabitants of Copenhagen of all ages could meet and interact with the installation, admiring it both close-up and from afar. The installation was easily seen from the Opera House, Papirøen, the inner harbour bridge, displaying a visually evident, central contribution to the harbour. In January 2018 it was exhibited in London as part of Lumiere London 2018. In February 2018 it returned to its originally spot at Ofelia Plads in Copenhagen where it was exhibited from February 4 – March 25.


Pictures of the installation in 2018


Pictures of the installation in 2017