Restart/Refrain @ENIGMA

In collaboration with ENIGMA and the three artists Mikkel Meyer, SØS Gunver Ryberg and Jens B Christiansen (Rumpistol) Vertigo created the twofold experience, Restart/Refrain.

First part of the experience was three live CUBE concerts based on music created by Mikkel Meyer, Søs Gunver Ryberg and Jens B Christiansen and visual effect projected on the sides of the CUBE. The music was created special for this event to ensure it both reflected the artists’ own personal styles and could be remixed afterwards in a re-experience of the event in an installation.

The second part of the experience was an installation based on the live event. Inside the CUBE an interactive space was created by sensors that tracked the visitors’ movement, thus inviting them to create their own remix of the live event. In this way the visitors’ movement inside the CUBE created an echo of the live event based on both the audio and visual parts. With their bodies as the input they could control the audio/visual output.

Vertigo’s mainpart in Restart/Refrain was creating the visual experience, building the frame and programming the interactive part of the installation.