Lydspejlet @Varde

Lydspejlet or The Sound Mirror is a highly interactive urban installation located in Varde. It is based on audio/visual outputs created by 96 LED-light luminaires, two speakers, and two light and two audio sensors.

Lydspejlet has several interaction points. First of, there are the two sound sensors. They are each placed in a pillar and can be manipulated through belonging tools. When visitors plays with the tools, waves of light are send through the luminaires. Secondly, two light sensors are places at the stairs. When the stairs are used an output based on light and sound is created. Lastly, it is possible to connect to WiFi speakers affiliated with the installation. The audio played through the speakers will be reflected in the installations luminaires as well. This all creates a lively spectacle for squares visitors.

Vertigo created the interactive urban installation whereas other parties created the spaced it was installed in.