About us

We are an artist collective consisting of Frederik Hilmer Svanholm, Vibeke Bertelsen and Mikkel Meyer, and we’re known in both Denmark and abroad for our way of using new technology to create immersive installations with light and sound. Among other things, we have gained a great deal of attention with the installation The Wave, which has been shown at Ofelia Beach in Copenhagen as well as in London, Liverpool and most recently in Athens.

The structures built are often placed outdoors in urban environments they function as site specific light and sound art. They have an architectural quality in themselves which transforms an enhances the space in which they are placed.

The other main activity we engage in can be called digital scenography as we participate in cultural projects such as theatre and music and create integrated set designs that utilise LED-light or video projections.

The common denominator for both the outdoor installations and the projects with the performing arts is a desire to create unified experiences in light and sound that transforms the physical space and immerse the audience in unique ways though movement, rhythm and textures.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, then do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or mail.