We are Vertigo.


We are a creative agency with focus on projection mapping, motion graphics and interactive installations. We specialise in creating unique audio/visual experiences with light and moving images. Since 2010 we have developed solutions for all kinds of cultural and commercial events as well as longterm installations and exhibitions. We develop total solutions from start to end and collaborate with partners as needed.

We are a group of creative heads with a variety of backgrounds within hardware production as well as creative software development. Our previous projects have consisted of anything from motion graphics for stage performances e.g. musicals to creations of interactive installations e.g. The Wave and design, development and production of custom fixtures for stores and public buildings.

One of our signature materials are LED, which have great potential to transform the perception of specific spaces. Over the years we have gained valued knowledge of how best to exploit all the good qualities of LED. Most often we are asked to create some kind of installations but we also work on projects focused on creation of custom-made fixtures for a mixture of clients.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, then do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or mail.